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California Voter Consumption of Media on Government and Politics

August 12, 2013

The results of our recent survey of California voters shows that they maintain a robust interest in getting the information they need to make decisions about elections and public policy issues. The data show an electorate that remains an avid consumer of news about government and politics -- and is largely satisfied with the news it receives. Californians say that the news sources they use most often cover the issues that matter to them the most; are fair; are comprehensive; and reflect their views. And in the face of declining use of print media, the survey shows that voters in California are adopting digital media at a rapid pace -- with voters who use digital news saying that it is easier than ever to get news about government and politics at the state level. In addition, the survey paints a more detailed picture of the news habits of voters of color in California than has previously been obtained. Though California's communities of color largely use the same sources of news about government as do white voters -- primarily television and mainstream media journalism -- there are substantial subgroups that also get some of their news from ethnic media outlets. The emergence of younger voters of color as frequent digital media users indicates further potential for change in how news will be delivered to these constituencies. And even though California's voters of color express high levels of satisfaction in the news they consume, many have mixed feelings on whether their own community's views are well-represented in the media at large. In particular, African American and non-Chinese Asian American/Pacific Islander voters are the most likely to say that the views of their respective ethnic groups are not well represented in the media. The data also show that interest in news about government and politics and greater civic involvement go hand-in-hand; a majority of California voters reports active engagement in some facet of their community's civic life, with engagement concentrated among the most avid consumers of the news. While it is not surprising that these civically-engaged voters are also more likely follow the news, the survey also makes clear that voters see the news media they use as facilitating their participation. More than two-thirds of California voters report that the news source they use most often informs them about ways they can get involved.

Journalism, News, and Information; Media Access and Policy

Newspapers Turning Ideas into Dollars: Four Revenue Success Stories

February 11, 2013

The report follows a year-long effort to identify newspaper successes in the search for new business models. This report analyzes four such dailies -- the Naples (Fla.) Daily News, the Santa Rosa (Calif.) Press Democrat, the (Salt Lake City) Deseret News, the Columbia (Tenn.) Daily Herald -- whose executives explained, in detail, the motivation and strategy behind their experiments and shared internal data about the results. Their innovations-ranging from sales force restructuring to rebranding the print product to web consulting for local merchants-are generating significant new income.

Mobile Voices: Projecting the Voices of Immigrant Workers by Appropriating Mobile Phones for Popular Communication

October 31, 2011

Mobile Voices, also known as VozMob (, is a digital storytelling platform for first generation, low-wage immigrants in Los Angeles to create and publish stories about their communities, directly from cell phones. The project is a partnership between the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California (USC) and the Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA), a nonprofit that organizes low-income immigrants in Los Angeles. Founded in 1984, IDEPSCA's programs are focused on education, economic development, health access and reform, popular communication, and worker rights. Currently IDEPSCA runs six day laborer and household worker centers and two day laborer corners where workers look for jobs in a more humane and dignified way while learning about their rights and gaining valuable leadership skills. The Annenberg School for Communication (the research partner) and IDEPSCA (the community partner) came together around the shared goal of designing communication systems and processes that promote media justice and help those without computer access gain greater participation in the digital public sphere. This chapter is a reflection on popular communication, participatory design, andcommunity-based multimedia practice from the Mobile Voices project team. It was collaboratively written by 13 members of the project and includes a project overview and an exploration of themes including the pedagogy of popular communication, participatory technology design, and the dynamics

Journalism, News, and Information; Media Platforms

Opportunities for Leadership: Meeting Community Information Needs 2011

September 12, 2011

Describes how three Knight Community Information Challenge grantees incorporated efforts to create innovative news models, online information hubs, citizen journalism projects, youth media, and civic engagement and advocacy campaigns into their work.

Journalism, News, and Information

From Distribution to Audience Engagement: Social Change Through Film

August 1, 2010

What comes to mind when someone mentions independent film "distribution"? You can probably define that fairly easily – the selling and delivery of these titles to audiences through any number of means: theatrical, DVD sales, festival release, broadcast and perhaps even online streaming.What if someone said "outreach" or "audience engagement"? Can you define and distinguish those terms as easily? We have found that these two terms are often used interchangeably – creating confusion within the social issue independent film community, and in our own conversations. We hope that this paper creates a more standard definition for the terms and infuses a new understanding of the importance of each of these distinct components and how they work together to spark social change. From our perspective, distinguishing these terms is critical because they are key components of the work we do at The Fledgling Fund – supporting creative media that inspires social change.

Journalism, News, and Information

Youth Violence Myths and Realities: A Tale of Three Cities

February 12, 2009

A study of media coverage of youth violence, actual crime data, and interviews with committed youth and the professionals that work with them.

Testimony - Youth Violence Myths and Realities: A Tale of Three Cities

February 11, 2009

Testimony by Dr. Barry Krisberg, President of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

Students at New York Life Revitalizing High School Libraries Sites Talk About Why Their Library Media Centers Rock!

January 1, 2006

Funded by the New York Life Foundation from 2003-2005, Revitalizing High School Libraries (RHSL) was a pilot program that allowed Public Education Network (PEN) and its member local education funds (LEFs) in Minneapolis, San Francisco and Tampa to update and refurbish library media centers in four high schools. The high schools are: Washburn High School and Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis; Robinson High School in Tampa; and Mission High School in San Francisco. In this issue of Adolescents Read!, we report what students at these schools are saying about the impact that RHSL is having on their experiences with reading and studying. We close with some online resources that students at the four high schools recommend.

Minority Students in Journalism: Recruiting, Retaining, Graduating: Lessons From Six Experimental Programs

January 1, 1997

Documents an experimental program in journalism, conducted from 1987-1996 at six American universities to encourage a variety of methods for attracting minority students to journalism education and preparing them for jobs in the news media.

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