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Artificial Intelligence Comes of Age: The Promise and Challenge of Integrating AI into Cars, Healthcare and Journalism

February 1, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Comes of Age," written by David Bollier, is the report resulting from the 2016 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Institutional Innovation. The report examines the transformative nature of artificially intelligent technologies on our society, our economies, our governments and our well-being. It concentrates on three artificial intelligence sectors: self-driving cars, AI and medicine, and AI and the media.

Assessing Community Information Needs

October 17, 2011

Offers strategies for building a healthy information environment and enabling community change: define and engage the community early, mobilize the community as a resource, cultivate boundary-spanning groups, and ensure multiple entry points.

Journalism, News, and Information

Re-Imagining Journalism: Local News for a Networked World

July 1, 2011

Details strategies for realizing healthy local information ecologies through for-profit and nonprofit media; higher education and community institutions; emphasis on relevance, research, and revenues; and government support. Includes case summaries.

Journalism, News, and Information

Creating Local Online Hubs: Three Models for Action

February 25, 2011

Outlines current models of local online information hubs, core elements, requirements for realizing Knight's 2009 recommendation that every local community have a high-quality hub, and suggestions for governments, local stakeholders, and foundations.

Rethinking Public Media: More Local, More Inclusive, More Interactive

December 8, 2010

Calls for reforming public media leadership, structure, and funding to implement Knight's 2009 recommendation that such media focus on community information needs, increase diversity, and expand online. Suggests a $100 million fund to hire new reporters.

Journalism, News, and Information; Media Applications and Tools; Media Platforms

U.S. in the World, Talking Global Issues With Americans: A Practical Guide

July 14, 2004

This guide supports the work of advocates of pragmatic, principled, effective, and collaborative US engagement in the world. It draws on the latest communications research and the insights of experts to outline facts and arguments, and offer ways to put them across to non-expert American audiences. It is designed to help those who already know the issues well and could benefit from expert experience on how to engage a large segment of the public.

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