• Description

This study aimed to conceptualize and evaluate the social impact of Hello Sunday Morning (HSM). HSM is a blogging website that encourages people to undertake a period of sobriety and reflect on the role alcohol plays in their life. Bloggers or 'HSMers' write blog posts, make videos and take pictures of their experiences as part of their participation. This research report used questionnaires, qualitative analysis of blog posts, and surveys to examine what HSMers blogged about, their motivations, goals and challenges, and how their alcohol consumption and expectancies changed throughout their HSM experience. Analysis of the blog posts of 1,768 HSMers showed that over time, HSMers changed from being very self-focused, considering their own drinking and the views of peers, to reflecting on the role of alcohol in their lives, to finally taking a broader view of the role of alcohol in society and ways to help and support others in their personal HSM experiences.